FL-Islandora and OAI-PMH Harvesting

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last updated 10-12-2017 LTM


FL-Islandora sites can be exposed for OAI-PMH harvesting. Contact FLVC Help Desk to have your site's Islandora OAI handler appropriately configured and tested for harvesting. Discovery tools that use OAI-PMH protocol for record harvesting include the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and the FLVC-supported Encore Duet discovery interface. Even if your site's OAI-PMH handler has been configured for harvesting for one harvesting tool, that configuration may not be appropriate for use by other harvesting tool, so it's best to review configuration with FLVC before initiating harvesting for use with a new discovery tool.

OAI-PMH sets and Islandora

Records can be selectively harvested by Islandora collection. Islandora collections translate into OAI-PMH "sets".

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