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FL-Islandora metadata can be exported for loading into the Mango discovery tool. Users are encouraged to contribute metadata from their Islandora sites to Mango.

To contribute FL-Islandora metadata to Mango, contact FLVC Help Desk with a list of collections to either include or exclude from Mango (whichever list is shorter, e.g., "all collections except fau:xyz". FLVC can export metadata from specific collections, or can export metadata from all collections except specified collections.

Exclusions from Mango export

Metadata from objects with the following characteristics will not be contributed to Mango:

  • "Child objects" of Compound Objects. Only the Compound Object parent record metadata is exported to Mango.
  • Newspaper and Serial title issues. Only newspaper and serial title metadata is exported to Mango, so a newspaper or serial title appears in Mango only once.
  • Any content object with a XACML policy suppressing it from public view will not be exported to Mango. Once the policy is removed from an object its metadata will be contributed to Mango if it belongs to a collection on the inclusion list for Mango exports.
  • Any content object without a PURL will not be exported to Mango. Mango relies on the PURL links to direct users to the original object, so metadata without a PURL is of little value to Mango users.

Details of Islandora to Mango loads

last updated 8/30/2018

  • Mango uses a Solr index, with MARCXML fields and subfields being mapped to Solr fields.
  • The Mango Solr index is totally rebuilt every weekend. Because of mirrored servers and indexes there is no downtime.
  • FL-Islandora metadata is extracted as MARCXML, using the same transformation file that produces the MARCXML tab display available to logged in users in Islandora. (Additional mapping for collections, etc., is also done.)
  • The descriptive text from Islandora collection codes (the collection object's Item Label) is used to create Subcollection facets under the Mango Digital Collections Subcollection.
  • The Mango Format facet is derived from Islandora MARCXML elements translated via a tab_type_config table (an Aleph table). The same table is used to determine which format icon is displayed with the Islandora metadata. Note: discussions are underway to attempt to map Islandora Format facets to Mango. 12-23-2015
  • In Mango, links to objects via the PURL will point back at the object in the owning institution's FL-Islandora site. This is true even for records shared with a PALMM collection.
  • Optionally, we can export a link to the parent collection (a parent collection PID) with the text "View full collection" that will enable users to click from Mango search results or the full record display to the landing page of the FL-Islandora parent collection. Note that for records shared with the FL-Islandora PALMM site that link will go to the PALMM site and not the owning institution's FL-Islandora site.
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