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The FIG wiki has moved to a LibGuide at http://falsc.libguides.com/FL-Islandora/Guide_home . Please update any links you maintain and link to the new location. If any information is missing from the new guide, or if you have any feedback you would like to share regarding the new FIG LibGuide, please email to help@flvc.org and let us know!

Welcome to FL-Islandora Guides (FIG), a FLVC-maintained wiki providing detailed user documentation and how-tos to university & college librarians and library staff. Browse the list of chapters below or use the search box to retrieve a phrase or keyword.

  1. FL-Islandora Overview
    a. What Islandora is
    b. FL-Islandora architecture
    c. Site properties and policy
    d. Content objects and collection objects
    e. Test instance and test users
    g. Onboarding Video
  2. User Interface
    a. Logging on
    b. Staff vs public view
    c. Search
    d. Search results
    e. Basic Site Layout/Theming
    i. Theme Modifications
    ii. FL-Islandora Template Overview
  3. Permissions and users
    a. Log on / log off
    b. Staff user roles
    c. Account management
  4. Collection Creation and Management
    a. Collection Setup
    i. Create a new collection
    ii. Change the collection thumbnail
    iii. Add a collection banner and description
    iv. Create a collection information menu
    b. Collection Maintenance
    i. Change a collection name
    ii. Suppress/unsuppress display of a collection
    iii. Move members of a collection to another collection
    iv. Share members of a collection with another collection
    v. Delete members of a collection
    vi. Delete a collection
  5. Content models
    a. Audio
    b. Basic Image
    c. Binary Object
    d. Book
    e. Compound object
    f. Large Image
    g. Newspaper
    h. PDF
    i. Serial
    j. Video
  6. Creating Content Objects
    a. Online ingest
    i. Basic workflow
    ii. Unitary content objects
    iii. Compound content objects
    iv. Paged content objects
    v. Serial content objects
    b. Batch import (Zip file importer)
    i. Preparing the zip file
    ii. Metadata Requirements
    iii. Doing the import
    iv. Importing content without metadata
    v. Importing metadata without content
    vi. Viewing results
    c. Offline batch ingest
    i. Basic Workflow
    ii. Package requirements
    iii. MODS requirements
    iv. Manifest requirements
    v. Package submission
    vi. Viewing results
    vii. Dealing with Errors
    viii. NEW: GUI to Offline Batch Ingest
    d. Step-By-Step Instructions for all Content Models
  7. Managing Content Objects
    a. Adding, replacing and deleting datastreams
    b. Migrating and sharing content objects
    c. Deleting content objects
    d. Workflow management
    i. Inactive queue
  8. Metadata
    a. Metadata rules in Fl-Islandora
    i. FLVC extension
    ii. Identifier (IID)
    b. Using forms
    i. Creating metadata with forms
    ii. Setting default values in forms
    iii. Updating metadata in forms
    c. Using pre-existing metadata
  9. Suppressing collections and content from view
    a. Overview of methods
    b. Object policies
    i. Attaching object policies to content objects
    ii. Attaching object policies to collection objects
    iii. Removing and object viewing policy
    c. Inactive objects
    i. Inactive queue
    d. Using IP embargo
  10. PALMM guidelines
    a. The PALMM site
    b. Creating collections in PALMM
    c. Populating collections in PALMM
    d. Removing content objects from PALMM
  11. Fl-Islandora and Mango
  12. FL-Islandora and OAI-PMH Harvesting
  13. Site Administration
    a. User management
    b. Embargo Setup
    c. Binary Object Thumbnail Association
    d. Creating a Flexslider Slideshow
  14. Workflow: From Spreadsheet to Islandora
    a. Prepare your Excel spreadsheet of metadata
    b. Use FLVC’s ExcelToMODS Transformer to convert your Excel spreadsheet to MODS
    c. Import the MODS and corresponding content files with Zip File Importer
  15. Statistics in FL-Islandora
    a. Overview of Available Statistics
    b. Using Google Analytics with FL-Islandora
    i. Getting Started
    ii. FLVC Custom Reports
    iii. Using Google Analytics: Common Tasks
    A. Date Range: View statistics by date range
    B. Search Terms: See what searches visitors run on your site
    C. Locate Page Data
    D. Export Data to Excel
    E. Track downloads, outbound links, and email
    F. Traffic Sources: See how people found your site
    G. Audience
    H. Schedule E-Mail Reports
    I. Segments
    c. Download and View Counts Displays in Islandora: Islandora Usage Stats module
    d. Altmetrics
    e. Object counts in the Report tab
  16. How-to: Collection Information Menu

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