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Log on / Log out

Anonymous and authenticated users

FL-Islandora allows anonymous users and authenticated users.

  • Anonymous users are people who are not logged in to any user account. They are still allowed certain privileges, such as searching Islandora and viewing unrestricted objects. They represent a majority of FL-Islandora users and may consist of students, faculty, or the general public.
  • Authenticated users have signed in to the system with the username and password associated with their FL-Islandora account. Before the user can log in the user account must be set up by either a site user with the FL-Islandora site administrator role (see below) or by FLVC staff.

How to log in

As non-staff library patrons (“Anonymous/public users”) will currently not have user accounts and cannot log in, no “log in” link appears on institutional websites. To log in, the staff member must enter the URL: [site name]/user, e.g.

Staff user roles

Every staff member is assigned a “role” when his or her user account is created. These roles will determine the extent of a user's access to Islandora objects and features. At present there are five roles available to staff.

Please note that FL-Islandora users require only a single role assigned to their account. User roles are hierarchically ranked such that each role inherits all of the permissions granted to the roles beneath it. Please see the chart below.



Users with the submitter role can create new objects with metadata and can edit the metadata of objects for which they are the owning user, but they cannot edit the metadata of objects owned by others. They cannot delete objects or create collections. This role is appropriate for those new to the system or student workers who may need their submissions checked before the submissions are moved to a publicly accessible collection.

On the test system, the user account with Submitter privileges is “Susan Submitter”.


Users with the editor role can create new objects with metadata and can edit the metadata of any object on the site regardless of the owning user. Editors can view and change object “properties” (the object label, owner, and state) and can set or delete an embargo. They cannot create or edit collections.

On the test system, the user account with Editor privileges is “Eddie Editor”.


Users with the supervisor role have all the privileges of the editor role. In addition, they can delete objects, which permanently removes those objects from the repository. They cannot create or edit collections, but can delete collections.

On the test system, the user account with Supervisor privileges is “Sal Supervisor”.

Collection manager

Users with the collection manager role have all the privileges of the supervisor role. In addition, they can create and delete collections, manage collection policies (i.e. define which content models can be used within a collection), migrate objects from one collection to another, and share objects between collections.

On the test system, the user account with Collection manager privileges is “Connie Colladmin”.

Site administrator

Users with the site administrator role have all the privileges of the collection manager role. In addition, they can manage users of the site - they can create new users, assign user roles, and disable users. They can set up IP ranges for use in embargoes. If configured, they may also be able to add or edit non-Islandora repository site content such as slides or page text.

Due to the level of power it is expected that only one or two individuals will have site administrator privileges for any institutional site. The site administrator role cannot be given to users by site administrators. A site administrator account must be requested and created by FLVC staff.

On the test system, the user account with Site Administrator privileges is “Annie Admin”.

Site administrator functions are documented in the Site Administration chapter of this wiki.

Note that an object "owner" is by default set to the user who created (ingested or submitted for ingest) the object. You may see a migration-assisted object with an Owner of 'Digitool Migration Assistant' or 'fedoraAdmin'. The owner of any object can be changed by those with sufficient permissions.

Account management

Edit user accounts

Users can edit their own accounts. They can change their passwords and email addresses, upload a photo, and set the time zone. They can not change their user name or the role associated with the account. If a user desires a different username it is recommended a new account be set-up and the old one removed before the user interacts with any objects in production.

On the menu bar, click "My account".

On the view screen, click the "Edit " tab.

Password Reset

All users with active accounts should be able to reset their own password from the /user page. On the login page select the 'Request new password' tab and enter either your username or email address on the following page. Upon submission you will receive an email with a temporary login link that will take you to a page where you can log in and enter a new password.


PLEASE NOTE: No one can retrieve a "lost password". Due to security reasons you must reset your password if you are unable to log in. If you are having trouble resetting your password please contact your site administrator or FLVC but please do not contact FLVC to request we provide an existing user password (unless it is a FLVC maintained user on islandora-test, such as 'Susan Submitter').
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